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Expedia TAAP Program

We have added the Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program as a supplier for our agency. Expedia TAAP allows us to earn commissions on Expedia bookings for our clients. You will need to have an Expedia TAAP account associated with our travel agency to receive commissions.

To create an Expedia TAAP account:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an Expedia TAAP account
  3. Start booking!

Lolli for Desktop

Earn $10 worth of bitcoin when you sign up using this link:

Travel Companies using Lolli

  1. Expedia
  4. Priceline
  5. Hilton
  6. Marriott
  7. Best Western
  8. Radisson
  9. Choice Hotels
  10. Alamo
  11. Avis
  12. Budget
  13. TripAdvisor
  15. Hotwire

For Best Results

When you create an account with TAAP, you create your own personal booking engine. This allows you to receive a commission on your travel. Flights only are not commissionable, but everything else will be, packages, hotels only, cars only, etc. More details once you register. This is all free by the way. I can send your commissions to you via PayPal or Cash App.

When booking with Expedia, I would make sure your Lolli is activated first then, come back to your Expedia TAAP page. This way you can ensure you get commission plus credit for your Lolli purchase.