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Learn Blockchain

Althash University has a free blockchain program. Yes, you read that correctly. FREE! I’m proud to announce that I have the privilege and honor to be a part of this incredible staff that is helping the world to learn technology.

This program focuses on the ins and outs of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The program takes about 3 weeks of dedicated time to complete from start to finish. It’s self-paced, so if you need loner to complete, you can do so. All skill levels are welcome. The instructors and staff are very welcoming and engaging throughout the program.

Topics include decentralized applications, healthcare, e-governance, and cryptocurrency, just to a name a few. This course is valued at a very humble $1,250, but the wealth of knowledge gained far exceeds the would be sticker price. So, how can all of this be free? The only requirement is your commitment to finishing the course. Amando Bernal Respicio Abellana Boncales, CEO of ALTHASH states: “This free initiative is created for people to learn about blockchain technology during the COVID-19 lockdown. We expect people, especially the youth, to take advantage of this to expand their knowledge and identify new opportunities in the evolving 4th Industrial Revolution.”

To take advantage of this great opportunity, use the link below.