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What is GUAP Coin? Per their website, “GUAP Coin is a decentralized digital coin founded by people of color that can be traded between peers instantly. GUAP is for everybody but our primary mission is to uplift those economic communities that have been left out of the cryptocurrency revolution.”

Founded by Tavonia Evans, GUAP Coin has the potential to help keep the Black dollar within its community, but adoption is key. As the world continues to shift, we need to understand that staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Digital currency is on its way. Don’t be left behind!

Where can I find GUAP Coin? As of the writing of this article, GUAP Coin is currently on the Probit exchange. Use this tutorial to learn how to get GUAP on Probit. You can also find market information about GUAP listed on CoinGecko.

For more information about GUAP Coin, check out their website at

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